Industry Specific IoT Solutions

Solution Components

Our solutions are developed using industrial components mostly built and verified in-house. These components are carefully designed to sustain the harsh environment and to eliminate the potential intereference of such environment on the readings.

We provide a fully integrated and test end-to-end solution from sensors to gateways to cloud.


We have state of the art sensors built for specific needs and industry standards. Where necessary, we have also partnered with the best in industry suppliers to get the most reliable sensors suitable for the solution.

The wired sensors communicated with the gateway using 5v, 10v and industry standard 4-20mA interface. We also have wireless sensors in works for smaller applications.


We have different types of gateways built for specific solution need. Ranging from 4 analog/4 digital to 16 analog/10 digital ports. All gateways have battery backup and provisioned to connect over wired/wireless internet and GPRS.

The gateways have special circuitry for signal conditioning and noise reduction.

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Our cloud-based monitoring software can be accessed from anywhere using any compatible device over HTTP. The secure and protected access allows the appropriate users to monitor the health of the machines.

Monitoring of multiple machines located in various parts of the world can be done in one place.


Alarm conditions are instantly reported on the web application and also on phone to the designated persons. The escalation matrix is in place to ensure the alarm is acknowledged by the responsible person.

The user interface allows supervisors/managers to filter machines based on alarm condition.

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Configuratble reporting provides users to view the historical values for a shirt, day, week and month for a year. The report can be filtered based on City, Plant and Machine for further analysis.

The reports can be downloaded in PDF format for sharing.


The historical machine health information allows us to run analytics for Predictive Maintenance.


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